It is a platform for any kind of company. It allows contact tracing in Covid-19 post-emergency phase and for any future needs.



It is able to monitor other devices nearby. When two or more Pj20 tracer Bluetooth devices and/or mobile apps move close to one another under a given distance (for example 1 meter), the users will be warned by a sound, a vibration or a notification.



All the interactions are stored in the device's memory. They can be retrieved if needed just by displaying the contacts' mapping of the single digital ID.



Pj20 tracer perfectly fits any work environment since it doesn't require any network infrastructure. Each device has its own dynamic digital ID ensuring the full respect of European privacy regulations.

Working safely

Ready to use




Pj20 tracer is ready to use. It doesn't ​need to be configured. It owns a unique digital code that changes periodically according to an algorithm.

The system records the interactions of the user with other people within the company's area. It doesn't track the non-relative positions of every single person.

BLE technology


No network infrastructure is needed. Data are stored within the devices (or apps) and if necessary can be accessed at a later time. 

Data analysis

All the events are stored in the memory of the device or app (when using smartphones) and will be made available if needed. 

The Vetrya Pj20 platform, if necessary, can use cloud computing resources for data analysis. It is able to display any interaction of every single digital ID.