Pj20 tracer bit is Pj20 tracer's version for professionals, such as offices, hospitals, schools, supermarkets and non-industrial environments in general.



A wearable bracelet, that alerts when another Pj20 tracer bit device is close through vibrations and light signals for real-time monitoring of the distance between people.




Each device has a unique digital ID. Through Bluetooth technology, it detects and locally stores all the devices it encounters, in full respect of privacy.


In real time

Through Pj20 gateway you can detect in real time all the data collected by the Pj20 tracer bit devices and send them to the Vetrya Pj20 platform.



Infinite charge

Your data


Worn on a lanyard or clip, the Pj20 E has a built-in lithium-polymer battery that can be recharged through the Pj20 E charge universal wireless charger. Over 100 hours of continuous use and 300 hours in stand-by.

Privacy guaranteed and compliant with the GDPR. Uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. Your data stays at home.

It guarantees dynamic maps and carries out predictive analyzes on high-risk areas, where subjects have been in contact with an infected person.

Through the Pj20 Gateway station it is possible to perform both the data download and the configuration of the Pj20 E devices wirelessly and in real time.

Pj20 Gateaway

Pj20 E provides for the use of a beacon station capable of detecting in real time all the events that occurred between the bracelets.
Through the
Vetrya Pj20 platform it is also possible to configure all the devices belonging to


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